Quality of Care

StatzCare is registered with and licensed by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW), bodies that regulates care providers in England and Wales. The aim of our service is to provide professional care support that is flexible, responsive and proactive for those in vulnerable situations and conditions. Starztcare employs local people to meet the needs of local residents both publicly and privately funded.

To ensure we are fulfilling this aim we continuously monitor patterns of good practice and not so good practice. Information captured is used to continually improve our services, either by offering staff additional support and/or matching service user needs to more suitable staff. This exercise is monitored by the Responsible Individual and the daily exercise is carried out by the Branch Manager.

The Branch Manager is responsible for ensuring the following reviews and quality assurance checks are carried out:

First Contact Questionnaires– This is performed by asking a set of basic questions within the first 5 days of service commencement. In regards to the first contact they received from the senior team and care staff, if we met expectations and if the person-centred service delivery plan is meeting care needs.

Quarterly service delivery plan review – From week 6 of service commencement we will actively review the way our care is being carried out to ensure we are meeting every need of the service user in an outcome-based way. This could be via telephone, face to face visit, during spot checks on staff. We would encourage at least 2 face to face visits a year to promote active participation from the service user and their relatives.

Annual survey – This is a formal arrangement with the aim to obtain the views of our service users, representatives of service users, any local authority which has arranged for the provision of care to a service user and any staff employed by the agency.

Telephone monitoring – Our senior staff will call our service users and/or family members to gain their perspective on how our service is being run, how our staff are performing and review care needs on a 3 quarterly basis.

Staff spot checks – Our care staff will receive an unannounced visit from a member of our senior team while at our service users house on a monthly basis. We will check how they are performing, gain the views of our service user and/or family members, ensure the daily logs are recorded properly and witness how the care is carried out.

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