Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

There are 750,000 people with dementia in the UK. By 2021 there will be over 940,000 people living with dementia and this will soar to 1.7 million by 2050.
One in three people over 65 will die with dementia.
More than 60 per cent of all care home residents, aged over 65, have a form of dementia.
There are over 16,000 people under 65 with dementia in the UK.
These are not just statistics; they represent millions of families with loved ones who require special care, both at home and in nursing homes.
If you are struggling to care for a loved one with dementia it is important to remember you are not alone. Almost 2,000 families like yours have trusted Home Instead Senior Care to provide one-on-one home care for loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia’s.
Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Training

Home Instead Caregivers complete a training programme designed by national and international renowned dementia and Alzheimer’s experts. This means our Caregivers are provided with the latest in Alzheimer’s education and home care techniques, so you can be assured your loved one is being cared for by a trusted professional.
Caregivers are trained to:

  • Maintain a safe environment
  • Manage changing behavior
  • Provide nutritious meals
  • Provide mind-stimulating activities
  • Create social interaction
  • Supervise daily activities

Caregivers can also provide assistance with enhancing and restoring the simple pleasures of life, such as a walk in the park, a trip out the car or spending time in the garden. These care activities are proven to maximize abilities and independence.
The best place for a person with memory loss is in familiar surroundings. The services provided by StarzCare are a valuable, trusted solution to help your loved one maintain a regular routine, enhancing his or her quality of life.

StarzCare Learning Disability Services and Supported Living

Learning Disability Services

At StarzCare, we support and empower individuals with a wide range of learning disabilities. We recognize that people may also have other complex needs which may mean that they require adapted environments or specialist ways of working to provide and support people to have a good and meaningful life.

We tailor unique support packages built on individual choice, which enable both social care and community-led activities embracing all opportunities, whether recreational, educational or work-based. In addition, we also support people with complex health needs StarzCare supports people with learning disabilities to develop the skills they would like to live as independently as possible and to choose the life they would wish.

How can StarzCare help?

When it comes to choosing the right support for a person with learning disabilities, the most important thing to remember is that you have the right to make decisions on your own terms. Social services will be there every step of the way to support you, but it is ultimately a decision that you and the people who support you – such as friends and family involved, must be comfortable with.

StarzCare offers a range of services for people with learning disabilities that you may find helpful. We would be happy to speak to you about specific support packages in further detail when you get in contact with us. The types of services we offer include:

  • Supported living
  • Residential services
  • Respite and day services
  • Healthcare at independent hospitals
  • Support to access education and further education
  • Support access to voluntary and paid work if and when appropriate

We understand that living with a learning disability can make a number of daily tasks and situations more challenging for individuals and their families, but StarzCare is on hand to offer the support you need for the present and future.

Everything we do at StarzCare is determined by the people who use our services, their personal needs and the choices they wish to make. Everyone we support has their own unique Person Centered Plan which is designed to support their personal choices and aspirations, and also focuses on what is required to make this happen.

We know that everyone is unique, and this is no different when it comes to individuals with learning disabilities. That is why we support people to take control of their lives and learn to identify and believe in their own potential. Having a good life with positive outcomes can be a reality for everyone, regardless of their age or presumed ability.

Learning disabilities directly affects around 1.5 million people in the UK, which is why StarzCare is proud to tailor unique support packages that support people on an individual basis. Some individuals may only have minor needs, whilst others with severe learning disabilities may require extra care services. Living with learning disabilities can be challenging, but there is always support available should you need it.

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Home care is designed to support you with day-to-day domestic tasks so that you can live as independently as possible in your own home. Our staff can visit you in your home and assist you with preparing and cooking meals, laundry, ironing, shopping and other light domestic tasks such as hoovering, mopping, dusting, cleaning surfaces and changing bedding. These visits can be made as little or often as you wish, from daily to monthly, weekly to ad-hoc.

Who can have Homecare?

Anybody can take advantage of our homecare services. Existing service users can incorporate homecare as part of their person centred, outcome based care plan and new users can have homecare as their only package of care. This is the most flexible service we provide, please contact your local branch for further information and costings.

Personal Care

Personal Care

Our fully trained Care Workers are experienced in helping all kinds of people with their personal care, respecting your dignity at all times while aiming to help you to retain as much independence as possible. They are understanding and sympathetic, without being patronizing.

They know that every service user is an individual, with unique personal needs, preferences and values, so they will not intrude into your personal life. All our support arrangements will be completely personalized to your own requirements, involving your family members if you wish, and we will only provide the services that you have specifically asked for in your care and support plan.

Whether you need lots of help every day or just small amounts of help from time-to-time, we can assist you with a wide variety of personal care tasks, including:

  • Daily Personal Hygiene
  • Oral Care
  • Personal Grooming
  • Continence Care
  • Medication Prompting/Administration
  • Food Preparation

Who is personal care for?

Our tailor-made care plans are created with you, for you. Each and everyone of our service users are unique and in being so, require various levels of support. Whether you require simple supervision whilst managing your own personal care or require full support with a few extra pairs of hands. There is personal care is for everyone.



At StarzCare, we always stress the importance of companionship services and how these services of friendship can be crucial in improving the lives of elderly people living in their own homes. Companionship can bring entertainment, social interaction, and mental stimulation to elderly people, and help to keep feelings of loneliness and isolation at bay, which can be as damaging to elderly people as other physical problems.
If you have ever thought about becoming a carer for the elderly, then it is possible that you may not have thought about the companionship that you could also offer your clients. When thinking about caring, most people consider personal and home help services, such as help with washing and dressing and help with housekeeping, but not many people consider companionship as a specific caring service. This is important to consider if you have ever thought about a career in helping people, but never thought that elder care jobs are for you. Some people feel uncomfortable with conducting personal care services, and believe that they cannot get a care assistant job, however, you could find an incredibly satisfying career in an elder care companion job.
If you are a friendly, confident, chatty, and sincere person, then you could provide elderly people with hours of happiness by simply engaging with them as a companion. Due to your personable nature, building bonds of trust and friendship should come as no problem to you, and you will find that you will be able to speak to so many different people who have all led rich and varied lives, and you can help them continue to do so, just by being there for them.

How Does Companionship Fit into Elder Care Jobs

As people grow older, it can be all too easy for them to become lonely and isolated. As they lose their mobility through illness or general old age, they might not be able to go and about as they once did, and their friends or spouse might pass away, and they will find that they receive less and less social interaction. This can lead to extreme feelings of depression in elderly people that live alone, as they find themselves lonely and frustrated at not being able to live the life they always have done. A study by Age UK in 2014, sadly reported that over two fifths of all older people say their television is their main company. Most people take for granted the people they see every day, and how easy it is for them to pop out to see someone when they need company, but elderly people should not be forgotten in this respect just because they cannot do the same.
When you think about elderly people that have lonely or depressed feelings like this, then it shouldn’t be too hard to imagine what companionship services could do for them. Elder care companions simply take on the role of a friend, and do what comes naturally to any caring person. This could be anything from general conversation and a quick chat, to helping arrange appointments and travel arrangements, engaging in hobbies and shared interests, such as gardening, writing, or sewing, as well as helping to buy or rent their favorite books and films, recording family history, visiting family and friends, going out for dinner, or even taking them to concerts, plays, and sporting events. Interests and hobbies are part of what makes someone who they are, and companionship services can help to facilitate and sustain the happiness and independence of elderly people who might otherwise feel like they are losing this.
At StarzCare, we believe that these companionship services are crucial, and can often help to slow the onset of immobility, or other diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia, because they always have that spark of friendship to look forward to, as well as the mental engagement and stimulation that comes along with it. Companionship services can be offered as a sole caring service, and should be considered as such for elderly people living alone, but at StarzCare we ensure that companionship is also a natural part of the other care services that we offer.
A senior care job with StarztCare can certainly involve home help services, personal care, specialist Alzheimer’s and dementia care, palliative care, convalescent care, and much more, but with each of these areas, our carers aim to provide friendship and companionship in addition to the other tasks and duties they must carry out, regardless of what they are or who their client is. Everyone deserves to have this individual care and attention.
If you are interested in learning more about elder care agency jobs with StarztCare, then you can visit our CARE Giver page here, or if you want to find out more about our elder companionship services, than you can go to our services page here.
StarzComfortCare also currently have a number of elder care and senior care jobs available and are always on the lookout for potential care assistants to join the StarzCare team. Please call us now to find out more and to enquire about a position.

Respite and Escort Services

Respite and Escort Services

At Starzcare, we always stress the importance of companionship services and how these services of friendship can be crucial in improving the lives of elderly people living in their own homes. Companionship can bring entertainment, social interaction, and mental stimulation to elderly people, and help to keep feelings of loneliness and isolation at bay, which can be as damaging as other physical problems. Our friendly, confident, compassionate staff provide our service users with hours of happiness by simply engaging with them as a companion. Due to their personable nature, building bonds of trust and friendship should come as no problem.

Caring for a loved one can be physically and mentally very demanding. It’s a role that requires 100 per cent commitment, and a lot of selflessness. No matter how committed you are to the needs of the person you’re caring for, you also need to make time for yourself. Starzcare can relieve main carers from their roles for short periods, ensuring that their loved ones still receive the help and support they need.

We provide these services in a range of lengths of times to include:

  • Escorting to appointments, day center and assistance shopping
  • Social calls to events and luncheon clubs
  • Respite sits for main carers to attend appointments, outings or simply get some rest

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